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Question 1: by Shahzad hussain Jun 12, 2019
i need key toyota techstream DI 140E47869F412499AFDDE73B0D59E304
Question 2: by Joni Siltanen Jul 5, 2019
I just received my vcds 18.2 cable (item number VAG182). The included cd-rom does not work. I only managed to load the german version of the vcds, but I would like to use English version.
Can you provide a download link for the software?

Question 3: by Arvis thorn Aug 7, 2019
it has been 4 weeks and have not recived the item I ordered -waiting for reply - will go to paypal for refund- I still would like the item
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 7, 2019
 Dear Arvis,
Thanks for contact us. We have refunded you for this order. OBDSTAR F104 currently is out of stock.

Any questions,welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 4: by Abagail Lucero Aug 9, 2019

the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:

- I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner,
of certain intellectual property rights ("IP Owner");

- I have a good faith belief that the listings identified below (by item
number) offer items or contain materials that are not authorized by the
IP Owner, its agent, or the law, and therefore infringe the IP Owner's
rights; and

- The information in this notice is accurate.

Please act expeditiously to remove the listings identified in the

I May Be Contacted At

Name of IP Owner:*Mitchell Repair Information Company LLC
Name and Title:* Abagail Lucero, Security and Compliance Supervisor
Company: Mitchell1
Address:*14145 Danielson Street
City, State, and Zip:* Poway, CA 92064
Email address (for correspondence with eBay):
Email address (to be given to eBay sellers)
Telephone:* 858.391.5000 x6049
Fax: 858.391.6049

*Required field

Item Numbers:

Reason Code:
3.3. Item is an unlawful copy of media (software, games, movies, etc.)

Work infringed: Mitchell On Demand

Question 5: by djamel Sep 9, 2019
i need many goods
not any details for contact
phone \
skype link
adress in shenzhen

i am in shenzhen now
Question 6: by Rey Sep 14, 2019
Hello There
Few years ago I bought a Digiprog 3, which never get to powered up.
actually was on May 30, 2014.
I have all the cables and connectors, just don't have the software and the tool as I said never power up, the screen is just blue.

I need to get some work done in a Mercedes benz e320 1997 instrument cluster and was wondering if I can use this tool or do something to fix it.

Item No. C0BD2862
Order Serial No.CO1405300164


Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 16, 2019
Dear Rey,

Thanks for contact us again. Sorry to hear that your digiprog never power up, you should contact us earier within the product quality gurantity time, now it's the best to buy a new main unit , and you can also try to update the machine, refesh the software, but because the machine is 2014, 5years ago, I am not sure it can support to the new update programmer. 

Any questions, welcome to contact  us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 7: by Mr. Dariusz Elizabet Brukarz Sep 14, 2019
I wanted to use vcds for the first time today!
After uploading the software according to the instructions which is very well described step by step and which went perfectly!
After running the car and computer cable and configuration successfully!
And here the problems begin, namely the cable could not establish a connection with any of my car drivers !!!!
I remind you that the installation went well, the program detected the cable without connecting to the car and saved the settings in the program !!
So I do not understand why he could not connect to any driver even though I showed the car model to the program! could not detect the Getway bus !!
I tried all day !!!!
I am asking for quick reply and help !!!!
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 16, 2019
 Hi, first, please make sure you have installed the drvier software on your computer, if no driver software, then it's impossible for the connection between the your car and computer.
Vag Com cable is desgined for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars, from the description of your problem, I think it should be the driver software which is not installed correctly, or not installed on your compuer.

So now you can only reinstall the driver software for VAG COM Cable.

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Lucy Wan
Question 8: by Mr. James Frost Nov 10, 2019
Hi I have installed the software and tried to read mileage. However we get the error message "No License File"

Please help
Question 9: by Mr. luis solis Nov 22, 2019
I don't know what happened but your shipping is too slow.
very very slow
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Nov 22, 2019
Dear Luis,

Thanks for contact us. Because the product is free shipping by airmail post, usually the delivery time is 7-15days or so,  your package has been shipped out for several days, you should receive the package soon.

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Lucy Wan
Question 10: by Mr. Daniel Yong Nov 28, 2019
Hi there, I am sorry, I lost the CD-rom, can you send me a download link for the iProg+ all the contents including a version that is v50+. Thanks
Question 11: by Mr. ALI SHABBIR Nov 28, 2019
Question 12: by jay Dec 5, 2019
Hi ,
do you have alarm code grabber / duplicator ?
similar to Pandora but cheaper ?
Question 13: by Mr. je le Dec 28, 2019
Hi there,

Thank you for sending me the cable.

I have a problem copying these two files,ftd2xx.dll VCDSLoader.exe

My computer says 'VCDSLoader.exe' is trojan virus. please explain and advise how to use it. Thank you for your help.
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Dec 28, 2019
all the files in the CD are not virus, please follow the instruction to do, when you use the vcds software, close the anti virs software.
Question 14: by loreto curti Jan 26, 2020

i need iprog full interface!
but I don't understand the difference between the two programmers that you have with difference in cost!
could you tell me the difference?
thank you
Question 15: by Mr. Mr.Ma-ardee Jehma Feb 6, 2020

When will the goods that have been transferred have been received and the shipping number?
Question 16: by Daniel Albiez Feb 17, 2020
Dear all, i ordered the cable via express shipping because i need it urgently. Now one week later it is not shipped. Please cancel this order and refund my payment via paypal. Thanks.
Question 17: by Sanjin Unkic Feb 18, 2020
Hi, is item shipped?

Can you please provide shipping/tracking number for this?

Best Regards
Question 18: by Mr. Mr.Ma-ardee Jehma Feb 19, 2020

Have you shipped the products that I ordered? I have already paid
Question 19: by Mr. Mr.Ma-ardee Jehma Feb 19, 2020

Have you shipped the products that I ordered? I have already paid When can delivery
Question 20: by Mr. Mr.Ma-ardee Jehma Feb 24, 2020

Have you shipped the product? Have you shipped the product? Why is there no product check with this number 302427420035?
Question 21: by Mr. Josef Akile Mar 2, 2020
Hi, i have a customer and i need to code something for them but my vcds is not working. I dont have a cd slot in my pc so i tried downloading vcds from ross tech website. It is saying interface is not found. Can you help?
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Apr 5, 2020
 Please check your email inbox, our tech has sent you the download link.

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Lucy Wan
Question 22: by Putzeys Benny Apr 26, 2020
Order Serial No.: CO2004180545
Order Date: Saturday, Apr 18, 2020


Can I have a tracking number for my order?

Question 23: by May 5, 2020
For shipping purposes please mark Item/order as "GIFT" also note express shipping was selected and paid for. Thanks
Reply #1 by   May 5, 2020
For order serial no. CO2005050565
Reply #2 by ChinaOBD2   May 7, 2020
 ok, no problem.
Question 24: by Alfred Theiss May 21, 2020

Hello please activate the files software does not work.
I cannot send the files here should I send them by email?
Thank you!
Question 25: by Mr. Mario Antunovic Feb 29, 2020
i recieved my item and installed it. Once it worked on my car, Skoda Superb 2018, but when i wanted to read faults from another car, VW Passat 2012, it did not work any more and now it does not work on my car too. Other functions it oes not even start. When i click on test connection software finds interface and shows me that K1, K2 und CAN is ok. When i want to read faults It shows me that function is not supported from gateway. I installed it and use it with firewall, antiviurs turned off and without internet conection. I reinstalled it more times, also with revo uninstaller, Notebook Lenovo T460s, WIN 10 pro, without success. I disconnected cable from interface and connected it again. When i install an older version of VCDS 12.12 it works for Passat.
Best Regards
Reply #1 by Mr. Mario Antunovic   Mar 5, 2020
I reinstalled (recovered) completely my Windows also and installed again vcds and nothing changed. There is still the same error. I tryed it also on another Notebook, also the. It must be Interface.

Question 26: by Mr. Marek Gutsche Apr 15, 2020
Good day,

unfortunately something went wrong with the order. 2 orders were placed




I only want to order once
you can place the order


Please delete.

Yours sincerely
Reply #1 by Mr. Marek Gutsche   Apr 15, 2020
Please the delete the Order CO2004150536 !!!!!
Question 27: by Mr. Putzeys Benny Apr 21, 2020

I have two questions :
1 : When will my order ( CO 2004180545 Paid ) be shipped?

2 : There are 2 orders on my accaunt, but I only ordered 1.
Can't you erase this one CO 2004180544 Pending ?

With kind regards,
Question 28: by Mr. Marek Gutsche May 2, 2020
Good day,

my order CO2004150535 has arrived. During testing, I found that the wrong version was apparently delivered.

The following was ordered:


Was delivered:

VCDS HEX CAN USB (housing and packaging VCDS HEX V2)

The software (VCDS TEST) and the range of functions (no UDS error codes) says that

Has the wrong cable been delivered or the wrong firmware installed on the cable?

I kindly ask for clarification of the problem.

Sincerely yours

M. Gutsche

Reply #1 by Mr. Marek Gutsche   May 4, 2020
Good morning,

thank you for your reply.
Yes the cable works, but as I said it is recognized as VCDS Hex-Can and therefore unfortunately has no UDS error code detection like HEX V2. The life-trimmed cable does not support the full functions of a HEX V2 cable. I actually wanted a Hex V2 cable without an online update. As described in the offer and no cable what 50% VCDS HEX-CAN and 50% HEX V2. The cable doesn't help me much. How can we solve the problem and what cable would I have to buy it like a HEX V2 without an online update?

Yours sincerely
Reply #2 by Mr. Marek Gutsche   May 4, 2020
Thank you for your answer,
can you make me a speziels offer because of the misunderstandings?
That would be very nice.
Yours sincerely
Reply #3 by Mr. Marek Gutsche   May 5, 2020
Thank you for your response.

The SP5285-D is just a Hex-USB-CAN and not a HEX V2?
Which cable do I have to buy so that it says TYPE "HEX V2"?

Make me a offer?
That would be nice.

Question 29: by sv May 27, 2020
The CD you have send me was empty, can you send me the software.
HEX -V2 HEX V2 VAG COM USB Interface für VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
Question 30: by Mr. Kyle Perkins Jun 2, 2020

Question 31: by Willie J Bowens Jun 24, 2020
There is a mistake on order # CO2006040606 MD 103 calculator. Tracking shows item delivered at mailbox in Miami, FL 33183 on Jun 20. However my address is 3601 clearview Dr. Rex, GA 30273. Please advise.
Question 32: by Stefan Gärtner Jul 16, 2020
2 years ago i bought:
丹 许
VAG COM 14.10.2 VCDS 14.10.2 Deutsch/English/Spanish/Portugal Diagnostic Cable HEX USB Interface for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda Lat
29,99 EUR
Artikelnr.: VAG1410
I dont know whether it was on your shop ?!
Now my father has tried to update my version and it doesnt work anymore?!
I think it was Version 14.10.2 or Version 16.8(link on desktop) ?? My Cable-SIgn: HEX+CAN Dual-K & CAN <--> USB Interface for VCDS Rev.B
Can you send me an Link to Version 14.10.2 an 16.8 (?) for this cable ? I need the software..
Question 33: by Tim May 23, 2020
Where can i find the right file to Register the VCDS Cable with the Loader?
i got a file when i click on generate Registration request and now i dont know how to finish.

Question 34: by constantinos alexander Jun 9, 2020
hello there, i am mechanical workshop and also reseller. can you please do discount for my order? i have items in my shopping cart i want to purchase asap. i will use these to promote and generate more sales as i also have online store.
Question 35: by mikan Jun 9, 2020
iProg+ programmer V82 software download:!D041iCbB!i2UTbHSZT8pRJagwQWKhwydsRpOzEKhak1G2pNhm2JU
please pas for zip arhive
Question 36: by Paul James Turley Jun 24, 2020
I need 1 year update. How much is it please?
Question 37: by Mr. Gareth Mclachlan Aug 17, 2020
Afternoon yesterday I got information of you how to download this UCDS pro from the Internet you sent me all the information I have downloaded it successfully but now when I plug in the device In it comes up on the screen. active license not found for this version of software. Requires access to the Internet to get license but I don’t know how to do this.
Hope you can help with this problem to thanks Gareth.
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 18, 2020
 Please follow the instructions to do:

First, install Setup_UCDS263.exe

Second,Install UIIIPlusLoader-14.020.04-Release-EN-Installer

after you install the UIIPlus Loader, plug the UCDS Pro to your computer USB 3.0 port,  run it as Aministrator, right click the icon of UIIIPlusLoader at the desktop of your computer, choose run as administator.
everytime , when you need to use ucds pro software, you need click UIIIPlusLoader first, then click start UCDS, it's the best  right click the icon of UIIIPlusLoader at the desktop of your computer, choose run as administator
Question 38: by kris hartanto Aug 18, 2020
i have bought the Ipro 84 but there is a problem that the cd program can`t be used and i have downloaded the software but i don`t know the pastword please help me so that ican use this tool
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 18, 2020
hi, where did you buy the iprog? if it from us, please tell us your order Serial Number.
Question 39: by Libor Kadlec Aug 23, 2020
I can't find download link for the software I ordered.
Question 40: by adil Jul 2, 2020
Question 41: by mike Jul 10, 2020
Do you have key programmer for w124 mercedes? and any key work together?
Question 42: by Mr. Lembit Paan Jul 12, 2020
I recieved VCI3 interface, the device does not work properly.
SDP3 connects and then lost communication with VCI3.
Another VCI3 devices working ok.
Video attached:!AsuRBiRUbgGEgRlUQeT_5jEFFg8u?e=MaFqzM
Question 43: by Emmanuel Amponsah Amissah Jul 12, 2020
Do youhave factory orignal keys?
Question 44: by DAVID CRUZ Sep 3, 2020
Where is my tracking info and when is order going to ship.
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 3, 2020
because there are more than 10 different items in this order, some items need ship from the facotry, please give us 3 days or so to deal with your order. 

we will ship all the items out at the first time.
Question 45: by maik itter May 24, 2020

please sent me my registraton file for vcds 19.6.

Question 46: by Jesper Nielsen Jul 31, 2020
Hi Support

It is stated in the description that it will run with no registration.

But the IDS-Ford is asking for a dealer registration code, else the software is useless!!

please provide this.
Question 47: by Mr. Razali Mohd Bahar Aug 3, 2020
hi admin
i try communicate with vendor but no respond, i already do a full payment
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 3, 2020
please send teamviewer ID and password to us, our tech will help you download the software files.
Question 48: by Mr. Aivaras Miliunas Aug 14, 2020
Dear Sirs

please send me tracking number for my order , thanks.
Reply #1 by Mr. Aivaras Miliunas   Aug 26, 2020
Dear Sirs , please clear situation or i'll send request of refund payment to Paypal. Regards.
Question 49: by Mr. alberto ventura Aug 18, 2020
checar el pedido el estatus
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 18, 2020
 please tell us your order serial number
Question 50: by Ercan Bayrakli Sep 15, 2020
Welcome to our website.
You registered successfully at ChinaOBD2

Your Member ID and Password as following:
Member ID:
Password: 655909

If you didn't create a Member ID, you can use your e-mail address to sign in our website.

Best Regards,
OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

My tel no
015147090643 Germany Handy
Question 51: by Jose L Prada Aug 12, 2020
Hi I recently purchased a DS 150 whit Bluethoot Soft ver. 2017.1
Ref code CO2007300791
And I have received just now
Fast service..
I am trying to install it on a computer with Windos XP Prof , where no other diagnostic program has existed before,

How do I do it?
Is there a tutorial . or similar?

Thank you!
Question 52: by daniel Aug 22, 2020
please provide me Password to update loader
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 23, 2020
 the password is
Question 53: by Libor Kadlec Sep 7, 2020
I have a question about SDP software installation.You've installed SDP3 2.44.1 software into my device and I bought another version SDP3 V2.21 VCI2. My question is that if it's possible to have both versions installed on the same device at the same time.
Thank you
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 7, 2020
 Hi, SDP3 2.21  can not be installed on the same computer with SDP3 2.44.1.
Question 54: by Daniel Schmidt Sep 9, 2020
Hello i dont have my article yet. Where is ist.
Question 55: by Aleksandar Sep 19, 2020
Why can't I login.It says user ID expired even when I enter password
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 19, 2020
 Hi, your password is  Aleksandar81

you can copy the password, your account is no problem. I just check that.

Question 56: by Aleksandar Sep 19, 2020

I have bought from you with version 1.52.Unfortunately it's not working,can you provide me some other version of this software?
Thank you
Question 57: by Gerold Reiter Oct 14, 2020
Hello, where should I send the license code so I can get a new one?

Question 58: by Mr. sebastian garski Oct 21, 2020
hi there

i have brought car prog and you have send me a cd with it and i have no cd drive on my laptop and when i download it from google it opens but it just says error on everything i click on ?
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Oct 22, 2020
Hi, you can download the software of carprog v8.21 from this link:

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 59: by KaloianPetkov Sep 23, 2017
I made a order of product from your's platform and it was end of august /27-28.08.2017/ and i still don't have it delivered! Now i cant login with my e-mail and password and I wonder if you have ever send it or you just took my money and delete my account! Demand some answers/delivery or refund!
I still have PayPal order number and out tour order witch is as follows>PayPal Express Checkout (USD19.99, Transaction ID: 5PR26421M39742444)
Thanks for your order at ChinaOBD2. Your Order #CO1708210140
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 23, 2017
Our site has been updated, Please go to  to check your order information, Your order has been reshipped out by China Post .

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Question 60: by john pitfield Sep 25, 2017
I have forgot my password,how can I change it?????
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 26, 2017
We have sent  your password by Email, please check that.
Question 61: by Nkosie Mazibuko Sep 28, 2017
I bought the SBB key code and I do not know how to use it. Can you please send me a video that can show me stab by stab on a car. e.g. VW or Toyota
Question 62: by Roger Meineke Nov 3, 2017
Hi trying to checkout ,but says internal
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Nov 4, 2017
 please register an account first. add the item to shopping cart, choose shipping address, then check out.
Question 63: by Roger Meineke Nov 4, 2017
Internal servo error.Will not let me register.Thanks
Question 64: by Brane Jan 21, 2018

i buy star c3 2015 , then i buy hdd disk for dell computer .

i have problem with program, please answer me.
Question 65: by Mr. zelateur gerome IMS SARL Jan 31, 2018
the snooper i buy on this order : CO1801100162
don't work . it's not light up once pluggin , have test on 3 cars , and with another snooper that don't have problem .

how can you solve that ?


Question 66: by Jan Feb 22, 2018
Hello. I ned to buy some equipment.
Here is my problem - i got a kia ceed sw 2008, but i have Lost the last key, do you have some tools so i can reprogramme immo or delete other keys in the system, or something.. If there are more than one machine there c an do it, please explain why thei are looking forward to hear from you, either by mail or phone
Jan Pedersen
Mail phone :+4542947595

Question 67: by Robert Mar 7, 2018
I need to reset the oil age (or oil ageing) counter on a Renault Scenic 1, automatic gearbox transmission (DP04 gearbox).
Also, I need to change oil change date using a Clip.
Original renault software can do this.

Which China clip must I buy from your page - ?
Question 68: by Mr. Kazbek Butaev Mar 17, 2018
Original Launch M-Diag Lite Plus EZdiag for iOS Android Built-in Bluetooth OBDII with One Free Car Software
in stock?
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Mar 18, 2018
 sorry, this item has been sold out.
Question 69: by Mike Burgess Apr 15, 2018
Hi I purchased this item from you in 2014.
Is there an software upgrade available to purchase please
Question 70: by Mr. mervyn witherow May 19, 2018
Question 71: by Ernie May 23, 2018
Hi do you sell motorcycle scanners so I can reset my service light & Diagnosis thanks
Question 72: by udrea alexandru bogdan May 29, 2018
hello,i buyed from you a vdm2 and afther installing the product does not find the ecu it says.....i have tried on 3 cars.....ecu is not responding error i get.....what is the problem?.....thank you
Question 73: by marcussy beethoven Oct 1, 2018
je vous informe que j'ai bien payer
ma commande et que j'aimerai bien cette fois ci recevoir mon colis concernant
cette commande( CO1810010256)

care je n'es toujours pas recu cette commande qui a bien débité de mon compte
mais annulé de votre pars,j'attend bien enttendus un remboucement
ou peu etre un oublie de votre pars (CO1809040270)
Question 74: by Michael Gruhne Feb 2, 2019
SKS-3058 Auto EECS and ECU Examine-Analyzing
can you deliver the device?

Best Regards
Question 75: by Mr. Njoku Joseph Mcremmy Feb 15, 2019
i bought calculator Order Serial No.: CO1811170261 from your shop since last year November 17 2018 until now i have not received my item please what is the problem
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Feb 15, 2019
 Sorry Friend, We will deal with your order now. I will send you the tracking number soon.
Question 76: by Kim Andre Reinig May 22, 2019

i ordered the wrong cable, sorry...

I made another order with the right one, would you please cancel this order (CO1905200296) and
send my money back via Paypal?

Regards Kim
Question 77: by Daniel Feb 10, 2020
Hello, I would like to order Item No. GV196 to Germany.
I do not need express shipping, how can I change to a slower and cheaper shipping method? Thanks Daniel
Question 78: by Mr. QaSsem Alhaddad Sep 5, 2020
hi i got blacklisted device from your website i cant use the software i want, other softwares doesnt suppport english :(
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 5, 2020
 hi, there is a QR code at the packing box, you can scan the QR code to download the software .
Reply #2 by Mr. QaSsem Alhaddad   Sep 5, 2020
The QR code on box doesnt show options for amrican cars, most my work i need amrican cars and English language
Reply #3 by Mr. QaSsem Alhaddad   Sep 5, 2020
The company said the device i got is fake or used by someone who missed the payment
Reply #4 by Mr. QaSsem Alhaddad   Sep 5, 2020
I bought device as new , not used
Question 79: by Mr. alberto ventura Sep 17, 2020
buenas tardes

hice un pedido y no esta la orden del producto y ya esta pagado

Your Order #CO2008140354 information at ChinaOBD2 is as following :
You can get your order last update information anytime at:

Order Tracking

Tracking No.:
Carrier: Airmail Post
Carrier URL:

Order Form Information

Order Serial No.: CO2008140354
Order Date: Friday, Aug 14, 2020
Order Total Sum: US$0.00(Adjusted)


Product Name





Herramienta de escaneo vs450 VAG can OBDII lector de código vs 450
Item No.COBD2749




Items Total:US$35.99
Total Sum:US$35.99

Order Status


Added Time



Aug 14, 2020 20:41:16


Aug 14, 2020 20:42:18

PayPal Express Checkout (USD, Transaction ID: 8FR62072CS762790M)
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 17, 2020
 Thanks for contact us,friend. I will deal with your order now.
Reply #2 by Mr. alberto ventura   Oct 9, 2020
checar status del pedido
Sr. alberto ventura 17/9/2020 6:47:04
buenas tardes

hice un pedido y no esta la orden del producto y ya esta pagado La información de

su pedido # CO2008140354 en ChinaOBD2 es la siguiente:
Puede obtener la información de la última actualización de su pedido en cualquier momento en: getOrderInfo.asp

Seguimiento de pedidos

Seguimiento No .:
Carrier: correo aéreo de
Carrier URL:

Formulario de pedido Información

de pedido Nº de serie .: CO2008140354
Orden Fecha: Lunes, 14 Ago, 2020
total del pedido suma: US $ 0.00 (ajustado)

S / N

Nombre del producto





Herramienta de escaneo vs450 VAG can OBDII lector de código vs 450
N.o de artículo COBD2749
Color / Estilo: -
Tamaño / Spec: -.




Los productos Total: US $ 35.99
Suma Total: US $ 35.99



Agregado Tiempo



Ago 14, 2020 20:41:16

A cargo

14 Ago, 2020 20:42:18

Pago exprés de PayPal (USD, ID de transacción: 8FR62072CS762790M)
Question 80: by Stefan Scholz Sep 20, 2020
Hallo, ich habe von ihnen das VCDS Diagnostik Cable gekauft.
leider funktioniert es nicht, mit der beigelegten Software. der loader last sich nicht öffnen.
bei dem Versuch die Software über ihren link (other languages) zu bekommen, scheiter ich an dem Password um die RAR Datei zu öffnen.

Bitte um schnellst mögliche Lösung.

P.S.: was muss ich nach dem Installieren nach der Software machen das es Funktioniert?
muss ich ihnen eine Registrierung Datei schicken? oder funktioniert die Verbindung automatisch?
mit der originalen Software von VCDS bekomme ich keine Verbindung zum Wagen, Interface nicht gefunden.
Question 81: by Andy Hookins Sep 28, 2020

It is 1 week since I placed my order but I have not been given a notification of shipping. Please advise if my order has been shipped or if there has been a delay.

Thank you,
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 29, 2020
hi, this cable is till need to waiting the factory ship it to us. Can you wai some time? If you can not wait, we can refund you.
Reply #2 by Andy Hookins   Sep 29, 2020

OK to wait. Do you have ETA from factory for information?

Thank you,
Reply #3 by Andy Hookins   Oct 15, 2020

Do you have an update on shipping date from factory please. OK to wait.

Thanks in advance,
Question 82: by Eng:MOHAMMED ABDUL ALEEM Aug 16, 2020
good evening this instrument we cannot programing ECU,? what is this version 2020or 2021, it is updated or up to what models of the cars I will support kinfly let me know the details if you have ur product brouchers and price list share me I will check it ok waiting to hear you asap...
my whats up number is@ 00966502238528, my email is: ma'
we are Riyadh based Saudi Arabia. we are having 4 Aoto Service centers in Riyadh second Industrial are we need this tool for our work shop purpose usage,, so kindly let me know the other models scanner if you have the love covers all the car functions diagnosis..ok.
Is their any Discounted in this model scanner if you have
Question 83: by Mr. Henrik Glad Oct 16, 2020
I ordered my product 2 weeks ago and you still havent said anything about shipping or if delay, when it will be shipped.

What is the status?

Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Oct 22, 2020

it should be very soon. the factory said they will send the cable to us at this week, it should be no problems that we ship the package at next week.

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 84: by Mr. Adel Dahmani Aug 15, 2020
Dear Sir would you like to send me the password
thank you
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 15, 2020
 hi, the password is
Question 85: by Garteth Mclachlan Aug 16, 2020
hi i perched a ucds obd2 down load tool it came with a dvd but i dont have a dvd driver on my laptop is there any other way of down loading this on to my laptop.
Question 86: by John van Weelderen Oct 23, 2020
Good afternoon,

This order is in pending status. What does that mean?

Reply #1 by lily   Oct 27, 2020
 Hello,its means that you need to pay for it.,and we will ship it to you as soon as posible.
Question 87: by Daniel Gonzalez Oct 24, 2020
Hello good afternoon, I bought from your store a vag helper and not if I was sent what I bought number CO2009270942 to see if they can help me because I can not track my product I buy, waiting for a response thank you.
Reply #1 by lily   Oct 27, 2020
 Hello,we will ship it in seven days.
Question 88: by xxxx Sep 24, 2020
Item No. SP5285


is it also possible for vehicles built in 2020?

Kind regards

Question 89: by D. Gashi Oct 8, 2020

Hello. I bought VCDS VAG COM Diagnostic Cable HEX USB Interface
through your company. I installed the program and got Registration File .dat.
Whom should I send the file to get the new registration file.

Thanks for a quick reply. Regards D. Gashi
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Oct 10, 2020
 hi, please send the file to us by email.
Question 90: by Bruce Ailiff Sep 28, 2020
I will have to consider buying elsewhere for items next time as your shipping method has taken over 2 weeks and is still not to my address. This is bad service for such a high cost of shipping.
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 28, 2020
 really sorry for the delay delivery. we choose a wrong logistic company. they said it's very fast. we will never ship package by this company again. 
Question 91: by Mr. Richard Lawrence Oct 9, 2020
Why has my order not been sent? Richard Lawrence 602 329 2484
Reply #1 by Mr. Richard Lawrence   Oct 10, 2020
Hello I paid with speedy delivery What is up with my order.
Reply #2 by ChinaOBD2   Oct 10, 2020
 Dear Friend,

Your order has been shipped out by DHL. The tracking number is 6435893306,

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 92: by Gerold Reiter Oct 14, 2020
Hi, how i get the icon for send to the dealer to my PC.
Regards, Gerold
Question 93: by Ercan Sep 16, 2020

your message for me, about my mobile number

This Is my call number
015147090643 ( Germany Handy )
Thanks for your order on ChinaOBD2 .
Please leave us your phone number for shipping reference of Order

Phone number is very important for the shipping
Waiting for your prompt reply. So that we can ship the package out on

Best Regards,
OBD2 Diagnostic Tool
Note: This is an automatically generated Delivery Notification. Please do not reply this message.For more information, please click our website:
Question 94: by Mr. Mr.Ma-ardee Jehma Feb 8, 2020
When the money has been paid, when will the goods be delivered?
Question 95: by andy zheng Feb 13, 2020
hi I just bought this items from you can you let me know how long will take for ship . I try doing business with you. this is for my customer can you please don't put the invoice little thanks please let me know
Question 96: by Mr. Pawel Plywaczyk Oct 23, 2020
I have a question, do you have a VAG OBD Helper? can you send immediately I need 1 pc.
I am asking for an answer.
Regards Poll
Reply #1 by lily   Oct 27, 2020
 Yes,you can place an order on our website Mall,and we will ship it in seven days.
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